Your Complete Energy Technology Partner - From Concept To Commissioning To Energy Production.

Energy Developments & Resources Pty Ltd offers a diverse portfolio of services to assist with the planning, feasibility, development, construction and commissioning of all types of thermal power generation projects in Australia and throughout the world. From conventional steam generation plants to emerging technologies for waste to energy (W2E) in Australia and Oceania.

We are unique in being able to deliver a holistic end-to-end advisory-consultative-project management relationship.

Backed by our 30-plus years of international energy industry experience and a group of leading international technology providers, Energy Developments & Resources takes a lead role on behalf of the project stakeholders for all aspects of the project.

Pictured: Oil and gas fired power boiler

Oil and gas fired power boiler


Assisting clients to identify best-practice energy options

Pre-Project preparation

Development of the project

Activation and ongoing technical oversight of the working plant

Post-project development

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