Case Study: WtE

This case study is in two parts. The first part explains the different pathways for converting waste into energy, their pros and cons and the reality that any "nasty's" contained in the waste have to be dealt with no matter what form of WtE conversion technology is being proposed. The second part is a Case Study for a C&D waste recycling plant and gives an overview of some of the challenges that have to be addressed as well as demonstrating that by using Western technology but supplied our of S.E. Asia a strong business case can be made.

Presentation: Fraser Energy Company Overview

This presentation describes the early history of DGA and the integration into the Fraser Group as Fraser Energy.

Project Overview: Samancor Elgen 50MWe Thermal PS

This is a project that was undertaken by Steam & Technical Service P/L (STS) which is a predecessor company to Energy Developments & Resources P/L.

Project Review: STS Bulletin 001 Elgen PS

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