Energy Developments & Resources has a technology partnership with the global company LACC-JNK which is renowned for designing and manufacturing high quality, cost effective Air Cooled Condensers (ACC) for the international power industry.

Air Cooled Condensers are heat exchangers which use ambient air as the heat sink to absorb heat directly from steam. The steam from the power plant turbine is condensed in a series of tubes and the condensate is then recovered.

Because this 100% direct dry cooling system does not require water to operate it is a preferred type for arid geographic locations where water supplies are scarce - for example, in Australia.

In contrast to conventional cooling systems, such as cooling or evaporative towers, a waterless plume-free ACC has very little impact on the local environment and it is considered a friendly and 'green' calling alternative.

Typical LACC-JNK Air Cooled Condenser Installation

Typical LACC-JNK Air Cooled Condenser Installation.

The single row tube bundles used by LACC-JNK has been a proven steam condensing technology for over 20 years and these high performance heat exchangers have been installed on hundreds of ACC units worldwide.

LACC-JNK's tube bundle is a real South Korean product. LACC-JNK has a Korean based joint venture partner to fabricate aluminium cladded carbon steel strips. The cladded steel strip are then sent to LACC-JNK's tube forming plant where the oblong tubes are formed and welded. The final stages of the tube bundle manufacturing process, including the finning and brazing process, are completed in LACC-JNK 100% owned facility located in the city of Dangjin, South Korea.

This in house production ownership makes LACC-JNK the only ACC supplier in the industry that has complete control over the production of the single row finned tube bundles from start to finish. Controlling the fabrication of the core component of an ACC allows LACC-JNK to supply premium single row finned tubes at very competitive prices and superior quality.


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