Fraser Energy

Energy Developments & Resources has a technology partnership with Fraser Energy, which as part of the Bukit Fraser Thermal Technology SDN BHD group and along with JV partner and ERK Licensee DGA Co Ltd are an EPC supplier of thermal / waste heat recovery / biomass / refuse derived waste to energy power plants and combustion systems.

The highly experienced in-house Thermal and Mechanical Engineering team is responsible for design and manufacture in their Malaysian works of purpose-built boilers, fired heaters, heat exchangers, process pressure vessels and heat recovery systems. The company has an accredited ASME Quality Control System and is accredited to ISO 9001:2008.

Pictured: This plant has been in operation since 1996. It uses ERK designed boliers firing RDF in fluidised beds and produces 29 MWe.

ERK designed boliers firing RDF in fluidised beds


Eco Biomass Power Plants

Fraser Energy is the pioneer of small-scale conventionally fired steam cycle Ecoplant biomass fired power plants (1-5 MWe). Ecoplants combine the best 'green' technology for producing electricity from biomass fuels. A proven and robust design which offers cost-efficient production, they are sought after throughout Asia where energy costs are the lowest of anywhere in the world. All of the controls, electronic systems and hardware are produced in-house by Fraser to global specifications. Fraser Energy are extending the Eco plant concept to 10 MWe due to customer demand.

Eco Waste to Energy Plants

Built along similar lines to the Eco Biomass plants the Eco waste plants recognise that most equipment contained in a Biomass plants is similar to Waste to Energy plants but the focus on the WTE plants is to provide clean combustion and as close to zero emissions as possible within the legislated limits of the country of installation. The basis of the design is the EU WID requirements with which Fraser comply.

Biomass & Solid Fuel Power Plants

Fraser has many years experience in designing and manufacturing high efficiency-low maintenance-low emission power plants powered by solid fuels and biomass. These are manufactured in house on the smaller range but may be subject to subcontract for the DGA boiler on the larger sizes of plant. Driven by the excellent performance of the DGA Vee grate, the overall result can stand up against any biomass boilers from around the world.

Waste to Energy Plants

Fraser Energy 10-15 MWe-plus waste to energy (W2E) power plant modules can be connected to suit the energy supply requirements of a wide range of sites as they can produce from 10 to 40 MWe. A popular feature of W2E plants in arid countries where water supplies are scarce (eg. Australia) is the incorporation of air cooled condensers which do not require water cooling to operate. A typical example of a modular waste to energy plant is the TIR-Madrid plant at Madrid, Spain. The modules may be fired by DGA's BFB (Bubbling Fluid Bed) technology or if presented as a sized fuel, or RDF, can be burned on the Vee grate.

Package Boilers

Package Boilers describe a range of oil and /or gas fired boilers that that are marketed as stand alone units that are fully assembled in the workshops, tested, and when completed shipped to the site of installation. Commissioning then takes place on site. This is relevant to boilers up to 30 tn/h steam, with or without superheat. DGA/ERK package boilers utilise the experience gained collectively by all ERK licensees over the 60 year history. This experience, combined with DGA's combustion expertise means that oil, gas or solid fuel boilers, potentially up to 200 t/h steam can be delivered as "semi package" boilers if required.

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