DGA Co Ltd

Energy Developments & Resources has a technology partnership with DGA of Thailand, a company with three decades of experience in combustion equipment, boiler and power plant design. It has implemented this design capability on small and large scale utility plants throughout Western Europe, North America, South East Asia and Australia.

DGA designs, modifies, manufactures and implements all manner of power plants from the boilers and control systems to fuel storage and handling systems. They include oil, gas, solid fuel, coal and biomass fired plants. The most recent projects have been focused on < 5 MWe biomass and waste fired power plants fired by a variety of DGA developed technologies.

DGA has formed a global strategic alliances with renowned energy industry technology companies including boiler designer ERK Eckrohrkessel of Germany (DGA is a licensee and authorised to design and construct boilers to ERK's specialist designs). ERK licensees have supplied some 6,000 ERK design of boiler to a wide range of industries and firing a wide range of fuels. Over 600 of these units are on waste to energy applications and a further 300 on biomass fired applications.

100 tn/h 40 barg 400 C oil and gas fired boiler

100 tn/h 40 barg 400 C oil and gas fired boiler


Oil & Gas Fired Boilers

DGA offers a range of 5 MW - 40 MW oil and gas fired water tube boilers based on the patented Eckrohrkessel design by license. A 15 MW unit is operating at Highland Pine in Australia.

Biomass & Solid Fuel Boilers

This range features DGA firing equipment combined with the patented Eckrohrkessel boiler design. Able to be constructed from small scale 5 MW boilers up to large scale 100 MW.

Fluids Bed Combustion Boilers

A range of 5 - 100 MW biomass FBC boilers based on the joint venture DGA-ERK firing system.

Cyclone Furnace Rice Husk Fired Power Plants

This range runs from 5 - 50 tn/h of steam and is for producing high pressure steam for use in biomass power plants. Rice husk boilers produce low carbon amorphous silica ash.

Exhaust Gas Boilers

DGA designs small scale exhaust gas boilers specifically for capturing the energy in waste heat from diesel and gas fired enginers.

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